The Beano comes to Minecraft

Iconic British comic characters Dennis the Menace and Gnasher have launched in Minecraft.

From Monday 1st December 2014, players will be able to add The Beano’s most mischievous characters to PC versions of the game.

The Dennis and Gnasher Minecraft modification (mod) was developed in a partnership between The Beano and Frima Studios. It includes all of Dennis’ best pranks; catapults, rotten tomatoes, stink bombs and booby-trapped trumping cakes. Players can also craft a sausage to summon Gnasher - but they’ll need to watch out for ‘softy’ Walter and his stinky underpants, say publishers DC Thomson.

Mark Cotton, who had led the digital expansion of The Beano said, “The Beano has always been about great storytelling, imagination and creativity. Minecraft is a perfect match for us, providing an amazing sandbox for kids to take our characters, tell their own stories, prank their friends and build out Beanotown.”

The Minecraft mod follows an announcement earlier this year of development plans for The Beano that see Dennis and Gnasher expand in to the digital market.

The brand plans to continue the extension of Dennis and Gnasher in Minecraft. Mark explains, “We’d love to expand the pranks and incorporate other Beano characters.

“We were lucky to have a group of Beano fans helping us test this first adventure into Minecraft and we would love to get feedback on how we can continue bringing Beanotown to life!”

Frima Studio CEO Steve Couture adds, “We are delighted to be partnering with The Beano in its extension into Minecraft and gaming. It’s a privilege to be part of the digital expansion of such an iconic brand.”

Leading Minecraft YouTuber, ChooChoosGaming, will review the mod on Monday 1st December 2014 on the Dennis and Gnasher YouTube channel and on The review can be previewed here.