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The Guardian partners with eBay

The Guardian says its first wide-scale pre-loved luxury fashion campaign is helping readers make more sustainable gifting choices this Christmas.

The Guardian partners with eBay
Imogen Fox: "This is the first time the Guardian has ever created a pre-loved fashion campaign of this scale.”

The Guardian has announced a new partnership with online retail marketplace eBay UK, making it easier to shop pre-loved designer items in time for Christmas. Turning traditional gift-buying on its head and banishing ‘gift face’ forever, this new campaign helps Guardian readers find ‘the one’ perfect luxury gift this Christmas.

The Guardian’s platform, with a climate conscious audience interested in pre-loved fashion, is the ideal place for eBay to promote their Authenticity Guarantee programme, added the publisher. Ensuring that in a world full of dupes, shoppers can purchase their dream pre-loved handbags, shoes, jewellery and watches on eBay, vetted and verified by a team of experts.

The Guardian says it recently unveiled its unique formula of ‘scale, influence and integrity’ at 2023 Upfronts, with this wide-scale campaign illustrating all three elements and set to reach over 11m Guardian readers across multiple channels. This includes an influential audience at the forefront of buying second-hand (63%) and an even greater amount (75%), making more sustainable lifestyle choices and looking to buy from brands with environmental integrity (source: Guardian voices survey 2023). The Guardian says it also has a much higher proportion of readers who value influence and integrity versus other publishers, radio and TV outlets.

Every year, the fast fashion industry sends 92m tonnes of textiles to landfill, with this waste hitting its peak at Christmas. eBay’s pre-loved luxury campaign reveals the ever-increasing, pre-loved, like-new, designer pieces ready to be found, reducing waste and at more affordable prices.

The the integrated multi-platform campaign, sees branded content sponsored by eBay running across digital, video, audio, newsletters, social and print Guardian formats. Influencers including Patricia Bright, Jordan Stephens and Otegha Uwagba share tips and tricks on shopping for unique designer items, why everyone should be giving pre-loved gifts this Christmas - and why eBay is the place to find them.

In addition to branded content, for the duration of the campaign, eBay is sponsoring the Guardian's weekly fashion newsletter, and will own the Guardian’s online fashion pages alongside being promoted across the Guardian in digital and print display advertising, including double-page spreads and an Observer supplement cover-wrap.

Imogen Fox, chief advertising officer, Guardian Media Group, said: "This is the first time the Guardian has ever created a pre-loved fashion campaign of this scale. eBay and the Guardian work perfectly together because we share the same approach to Christmas - it can be luxurious without being wasteful."

Toby Foy, head of media and investment, eBay said: “The growing interest in pre-loved fashion is also extending to the luxury world as more people look to purchase luxury items and accessories sustainably. Embracing pre-loved fashion isn’t only a smart financial decision but also a compassionate choice for our planet. This is why we believe that partnering with the Guardian and its diverse readership across platforms will help us highlight the value of authentic pre-loved luxury this Christmas season.”

Holly Carters, creative futures lead, EssenceMediacom, said: “As an agency we’ve been thrilled to partner up the growing world of eBay pre-loved with the editorial integrity and authority of the Guardian. Allowing us to inform readers on the advantages of buying pre-loved on eBay as a more sustainable and financially friendly option this Christmas.”

The Guardian says the campaign started at the beginning of November and will run until Christmas, with content being released across each channel in phases.

All branded content will be clearly labelled in line with the Guardian’s content funding guidelines.

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