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The Sun helps deliver toiletries to NHS workers

The Sun is launching the Fabulous NHS Care Package to give toiletries to healthcare workers as “a small token of gratitude”.

The Sun helps deliver toiletries to NHS workers
Rachel Shields: “This is a great opportunity for beauty brands to help support NHS staff.”

The newspaper is partnering with We C U 2020 – a local initiative from Essex, which collects products from top beauty brands including Burt’s Bees and Elizabeth Arden and delivers them to NHS staff – and helping to reach as many healthcare workers as possible across the UK.

Fabulous magazine’s former Beauty Editor, Lauren Ezekiel, who launched the campaign three weeks ago, says: “Self-care is therapeutic. This is like putting a hand on NHS workers’ shoulders to say ‘we’re here for you’.”

When Lauren found out about the toll PPE was taking on healthcare workers’ skin, she decided to email every beauty contact from 12 years in the industry and asked them to donate surplus items. Now, with Fabulous on board, her initiative will have an even greater reach, says The Sun.

Helpforce, a charity supporting volunteering in the NHS, will work with delivery giant UPS to dispatch the parcels to those on the frontline.

The packages will contain toiletries to help soothe chapped hands, rehydrate skin dried out from chemicals and reduce red marks left by protective clothing.

Thousands of items including lip balms, hand lotion and deodorants have already been collected, bringing smiles to thousands of staff at 25 hospitals across London and Essex so far.

But Fabulous says it needs more brands to donate so it can help as many workers as possible.

Rachel Shields, Assistant Editor The Sun (Fabulous) said: “This is a great opportunity for beauty brands to help support NHS staff working in such difficult conditions to keep us all safe.”

A UPS UK spokesperson said: “At UPS we are proud to be contributing to this important initiative and showing our support for the truly outstanding NHS workers and patients who are in need of vital supplies at this time.”

Beginning Monday, April 20, all products donated by brands will be delivered to hospital trusts that need them most, supporting healthcare staff working long hours and under great strain.

Fabulous is calling on any brands who can spare products for “our healthcare heroes” to get in touch at

NHS workers can also request packages at