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The Sun launches new SunHealth section

The new weekly section will bring Sun readers expert-led, tips and advice to live a longer, happier life, say the publishers.

The Sun launches new SunHealth section
Lizzie Parry: “Prevention really is better than the cure.”

With five pages each Tuesday and two each Sunday, SunHealth aims to tackle the burning issues facing readers. From diet, nutrition and exercise to mental health wellbeing and the specific issues facing men, women and kids, The Sun says it will offer something for everyone.

Lizzie Parry, Head of Health at The Sun, says: “In this post-pandemic world, after too many years of lockdown and isolation, health is more important than ever before. With an NHS that’s struggling to cope with record waiting lists and a huge backlog, it’s vital we all do what we can to live as healthy lives as possible.

“I come from three generations of medics – with a urologist, nurse, obstetrician, osteopath, paediatrician and vascular surgeon among them.

“I’m a self-confessed hypochondriac, but they’ve taught me that prevention really is better than the cure, and with most scary health conditions early diagnosis can save lives.”

Each week, says The Sun, with the help of a team of experts including The Sun’s resident GP, Dr Zoe Williams, they will break down the barriers that stop readers seeking help, busting common myths, breaking life-threatening taboos and sharing fun tips as well as easy and effective lifestyle tweaks to help people feel better and stronger.

Inspired by Sun columnist Dame Deborah James, there will also be a healthy dose of ‘Rebellious Hope’, a section shining a spotlight on the ground-breaking research and studies that will give readers’ families the chance to live longer.

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