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The Week Junior Science+Nature announces special issue

Tim Peake and Maggie Aderin-Pocock will challenge young people to make future space travel more environmentally friendly in special issue of The Week Junior Science+Nature.

The Week Junior Science+Nature announces special issue
Dan Green: “We are incredibly excited to have Dr Maggie on board as our first-ever guest editor.”

The UK space stars are inspiring children to have "big, crazy dreams" in the space special issue of The Week Junior Science+Nature's first guest-edited edition, published to mark World Space Week 2022, between 4-10 October, during which thousands of participants from over 90 countries will be celebrating ‘Space and Sustainability’, says the publisher.

According to The Week Junior Science+Nature's World Space Week issue features guest editor space scientist, writer and TV’s ‘Sky at Night’ co-presenter Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, who says: “I am so happy that this year's World Space Week will focus on space and sustainability. Monitoring our planet from space makes Earth a better place for everyone.”

In addition, British astronaut Tim Peake uses the October Space Week edition to give an interview to the children's magazine calling for spaceflight to be more eco-friendly. Tim says: “We're all much more aware of the impact of our actions on the Earth's climate. So, we have to look at the impact that spaceflight is having and look at how we make spacecraft and our rockets more environmentally friendly.” Tim adds, “There's an awful lot of work and effort going on within the space industry to address those issues and I think it's absolutely right that we do.”

The Week Junior Science+Nature's editor, Dan Green comments: “We are incredibly excited to have Dr Maggie on board as our first-ever guest editor. The magazine is totally fizzing with an amazing mix of stellar content, from the inspirational story of Wanda Diaz-Merced, the blind astronomer, to the strange new worlds beyond our solar system. Along the way, we check in on NASA's new planned Moon missions and reveal how to see October's Orinoid meteor shower. There's no better person to captain this voyage of discovery than Dr Maggie.”

He adds, “We aim to fire our readers’ imaginations and inspire them to tackle the world's biggest questions. After all, it might be this magazine that leads one of them to develop the first truly sustainable spacecraft.”

According to the publisher, Maggie Aderin-Pocock will be appearing with Dan Green at The Week Junior Science+Nature's Cheltenham Literature Festival event, ‘How? What? Why? Expert Answers to Crazy Questions’ on 15 October.

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