Tour operator launches travel magazine

Luxury travel brand Scott Dunn has launched Days Like This – its own dedicated travel and lifestyle magazine.

Days Like This is aimed at potential and regular guests of Scott Dunn, one of the UK’s longest-established luxury travel brands, which has provided bespoke experiences since being established 28 years ago by Andrew Dunn.

The primary aim of the magazine is to bring to life the spirit and style of Scott Dunn’s tailor-made holidays, with leading travel writers and photographers reporting on cleverly curated trips and emerging destinations, along with insider tips and insights from the company’s destination experts – ranging from tour guides and skiing instructors to nannies and chefs.

The 80-page first edition, created by Brave New World Publishing and helmed by former Saturday Times Magazine editor Gill Morgan, includes reports from destinations such as Oman, Sweden, the US and Italy as well as a first-person feature written by model and author Sophie Dahl, who shares the delights of a family holiday at the Anassa hotel in Cyprus.

Graham Horner, Sales and Marketing Director of Scott Dunn, says: who joined from the Telegraph earlier this year says: “We have wanted to create a luxury lifestyle magazine for some time, to help our guests pick through the huge number of experiences available. We’re confident that Days Like This will become a very helpful guide to some of the finest journeys we can offer.”

As a company, Scott Dunn possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience that Horner wanted to communicate to existing and potential clients. He felt that a magazine, rather than a brochure, offered the best means of engaging customers through content and storytelling.

“One of the things that really struck me when I joined Scott Dunn was just how many stories emerged from this building and this brand,” Horner recalls. “We have hundreds of staff who are travelling all around the world all of the time and they come back with amazing tales about places to go and things to experience.

These are all stories that are just too good to be kept in the building. I really wanted to take all that experience and knowledge and put it out there and share it. That’s what took me down the path of creating a magazine for Scott Dunn.”

Horner chose luxury publishing house Brave New World to deliver the magazine because they understood the brand and the importance of sharing its vitality and expertise through storytelling. “Scott Dunn has a very clear view of what their company is and what they excel at,” says editor Gill Morgan. “They were very open in their brief. They just said, ‘Go and imagine what a Scott Dunn magazine could be.’ We were hugely impressed by the passion and knowledge in the company and enjoyed the process of translating that through the pages of a magazine.”

Creating a magazine with a distinctly personal voice adds a new richness and complexity to the Scott Dunn brand story and provides a means of engaging directly with Scott Dunn customers. As Horner puts it: “Days Like This is not just a brochure in disguise. This is a collection of stories and features that speak powerfully about what Scott Dunn is. It’s an incredibly effective way of communicating our brand.”

Days Like This is published bi-annually by Brave New World, with a multi-platform distribution strategy. There will be a print run of 30,000, with 20,000 posted to Scott Dunn’s database and 10,000 distributed in private jet lounges, business and first class airport lounges and other key luxury travel hotspots, says Brave New World.

The magazine will also be available for free download from iTunes and Google Play for tablets and mobile.