Uncut launches The History of Rock

Uncut is introducing a new monthly magazine to its portfolio titled The History of Rock, focusing on the heritage of rock music.

Each month, The History of Rock will shine the spotlight on a different year in history and the rock music of that time. Content unearthed from the NME, Melody Maker and Uncut archives will be revisited to deliver intimate interviews, special features and supreme music photography. Combined with brand new editorial content, The History of Rock will tell the complete story of the music that changed the music scene, year by year, as it happened.

John Mulvey, editor of Uncut, says: “Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, NME and Melody Maker had incredible access to artists who shaped music as we know it; legendary figures who, these days, would be totally unapproachable. Here at Uncut, we’re very privileged to have the keys to such an archive of seminal journalism, and The History of Rock seems like a great way to share the best of those stories with our readers today. Every month, we hope The History of Rock will build up to be an encyclopaedic celebration of remarkable music, and remarkable music writing.”

The classic features and premium quality of these issues ensure they will become must-have collectors’ editions for music fans, says Time Inc.

The first issue will take readers back 50 years to 1965, the year that saw The Byrds and The Walker Brothers take the UK by storm, while The Who and The Rolling Stones caused chaos at the beginning of their careers. The History of Rock: 1965 revisits rock legends The Beatles on location filming Help, features an extraordinary cast including Dusty Springfield and Paul Simon, and a wealth of generous advice from a young Jimmy Page.

Available in both print and digital, The History of Rock hit newsstands on 9 July, with a cover price of £9.99.