Wyndeham Group to rebrand as Walstead

Walstead, the parent company of Wyndeham Group, today announces that all the companies in Wyndeham Group will be rebranded and integrated under the Walstead name in the first quarter of 2019 and the Wyndeham brand will then cease to be used.

Wyndeham Group to rebrand as Walstead

The six Wyndeham companies will collectively trade as Walstead United Kingdom and the subsidiaries will be renamed as Walstead Bicester, Walstead Binders, Walstead Grange, Walstead Peterborough, Walstead Roche, and Walstead Southernprint. Rhapsody, Walstead’s creative production agency with operations in London, Poland and Madrid will retain its brand identity.

Paul Utting, chief executive, Walstead Group, commented: “Wyndeham has been a well established and recognised name in the UK print industry for many years. However, with the rapid growth and expansion of Walstead, it is time to unify our businesses under a single brand that demonstrates our combined strength as the number one printer of choice for publishers, retailers and brand owners across Europe. Uniting Wyndeham Group’s companies under a single Walstead umbrella brand will provide our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders with a distinct and integrated business name and clearly communicate the scale of Walstead’s offering.”

Walstead Group, headquartered in London, says it is the largest independent commercial web offset printing business in Europe. Founded in 2008, Walstead has completed 10 acquisitions and employs 4,400 staff at 19 production facilities in the UK, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Poland. The group operates 67 web offset and four gravure printing presses that produced over 500 billion A4 pages using 900,000 tonnes of paper in 2017, says the company.