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Fusion is the go-to technology platform for publishers that are also event organisers.

Our award-winning Fusion software enables clients to manage subscriptions and event registration data via one access point, giving a single customer view of every transaction and engagement across a portfolio of multiple publications and events.

Fusion helps clients build a 365 ecosystem, providing virtual event and community features proven to drive deep levels of engagement all year round.

The Fusion virtual event platform offers sophisticated functionality when broadcasting an event to a digital audience – whether it is virtual or physical, including:

  • Interactive agenda, speaker and sponsor listings
  • Live streaming of sessions, seminars and workshops
  • Ability to direct or match attendees with relevant content and exhibitors
  • An advanced networking function, including a highly configurable meeting booking facility that syncs with the attendee’s native calendar
  • Additional ROI opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors including ad space and feature area sponsorships
  • Chat, video, poll, and question feature to drive audience engagement

The Fusion virtual event platform is fully customisable; from the font, to the imagery and the content an organiser wishes to highlight to its attendees on entry. Organisers enjoy real-time and more detailed - but easy to read – reports, giving valuable insight into the number of attendees on the platform and in each session, their engagements with sessions, speakers and fellow attendees, and the performance of exhibitors and sponsors.

All interactions are captured and displayed on an individual’s contact record, accessible via the Fusion contact database. No need for any downloading of event data, configuring the information and uploading it to a separate database!

The benefits of engaging Fusion for a subscriptions and events portfolio include:

  • A single access point and community hub to enhance and extend the audience experience
  • Extensive data collection, insight & reporting to further drive audience development and revenue generation
  • A fully featured content delivery function for both live, interactive and existing media libraries operating an on-demand model
  • Seamless linking with all media elements of each brand including magazine and newsletter subscriptions as well as physical events and 3rd party hosted webinars
  • Increasing ROI for sponsors and exhibitors with increased coverage opportunities year-round

For a demo of the platform, please get in touch.