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ABC audits Q83

Industry owned auditor ABC has completed a methodology audit for Q83, an Australian based tech company delivering transparent reporting for the social media and influencer marketing industry.

ABC audits Q83
Simon Redlich: “We’re delighted to have worked with Q83 to audit their innovative products that are delivering welcome transparency in the realm of influencer marketing and social media advertising.”

ABC says this is the first time it has delivered one of its bespoke methodology audits in the area of influencer marketing; a market that’s grown to be worth over $16.4 billion.

Q83’s platforms Kitly and Kitly Business are used globally by talent agencies and independent creators to drive professionalism and transparency within the influencer marketing industry. The launch of Q83’s Account Performance Audit Report (APAR) within the Kitly and Kitly Business platforms brings new transparency & consistency to media buyers who procure organic social media ad space from multiple sources, from magazines and newspapers all the way to influencers and creators.

Bringing independent assurance, ABC has conducted an audit on Q83’s systems and processes for gathering social media platform metrics from official platform API’s, verifying the accuracy of reporting via the APAR.

The audit confirms the data presented in the APAR accurately reflects the proprietary reporting of the social media platforms, that the terminology used is accurate and the definitions of metrics included are consistent. This reassures businesses and influencers that reporting via the APAR adheres to standardised processes, and that the data can be trusted.

In addition to undergoing ABC’s bespoke methodology audit, the APAR for Kitly and Kitly Business has also been accredited under ABC’s Certified Supplier programme, demonstrating that it’s capable of reporting data to ABC’s industry-agreed standards. This certificate is available on ABC’s website.

Simon Redlich, chief executive of ABC, commented: “We’re delighted to have worked with Q83 to audit their innovative products that are delivering welcome transparency in the realm of influencer marketing and social media advertising. The drive for independent verification and oversight is one of GARM’s (Global Alliance for Responsible Media) three areas of strategic focus, and we’re pleased to deliver this essential element to demonstrate the credentials of these products.”

Anthony Richardson, founder & CEO of Q83, said: “We’re thrilled to achieve ABC’s stamp of trust for the APAR element of our Kitly and Kitly Business products. Over the years we have seen first-hand the connection between accessing first-party reach, impressions and engagement data when assessing an account’s performance and the campaign outcome. For example, we have used the APAR to predict campaign reach using six different social media accounts, with a result of an average of 96% accuracy. ABC’s audit confirms that trust and transparency are at the heart of how our products function, delivering a consistent report available industry wide will bring clarity and reassurance to this rapidly growing market.”

Scott Guthrie, director general, influencer marketing trade body said, “As champions for professionalism within the influencer marketing industry, we’re pleased to see Q83 working with ABC to deliver confidence and trust through the transparency delivered by way of this independent audit. A first for our industry that aligns perfectly with our mission to secure a sustainable, professional future for influencer marketing.”

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