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ABC issues first UK industry report into online ad viewability

Today ABC is issuing the first industry report and certification for online ad viewability measurement products. The new report compares the capability of products to measure viewability simply and equally, delivering trust and transparency to a complex area.

Viewability is a key issue for the online advertising industry, says the ABC. There are various products in the market that count viewable impressions. However, following confusion over the differences in results outlined by these new products, the industry asked ABC to deliver an impartial and independent report on what these products actually do. The ABC report and certificates will help the industry to better understand viewability products and compare their capabilities. This will enable agencies and advertisers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

The first viewability products to receive ABC certification and to be included in the report are:

* comScore

* DoubleVerify

* Integral AdScience

* Moat

The ABC stamp of trust is available to all products that offer viewability services. OnScroll have signed up to the scheme and are currently undergoing testing.

Steve Chester, Director of Data & Industry Programmes, IAB comments, “There has been a lot of confusion in the online ad industry about how viewability products actually work, and any points of difference that may exist between them. ABC’s new report will provide much needed clarity regarding their capabilities, allowing advertisers, media buyers and media owners to make informed decisions about their choice of viewability product provider, to facilitate online media buying and trading decisions.

Nigel Gwilliam, Consultant Head of Media, IPA adds, “Understanding how viewability products work is crucial for agencies and advertisers to get value for money from their online media campaigns. ABC has helped the industry move towards a more transparent digital trading environment and we look forward to more companies joining this scheme.”

Jerry Wright, Chief Executive, ABC summarises, “ABC’s proven track record in providing valuable digital certification has delivered trust and transparency in the complex area of online ad viewability. It is crucial that advertisers and agencies know what they are buying into and that the product owners demonstrate their willingness to be independently certified.”