AIM chooses Amplio for online audience engagement & subs management

Active Interest Media (AIM), a leading global enthusiast media company, has partnered with Lineup for access to its subscription management solution.

AIM chooses Amplio for online audience engagement & subs management
Andrew Clurman: “Amplio is purpose built for media organisations like us.”

Active Interest Media (AIM) was looking for an all-in-one platform that could assist them with increasing customer acquisition by combining data consolidation, data-driven continuous marketing, subscriptions, and billing capabilities.

During their search, says Lineup, the team at AIM shared their vision of not only continuing to serve the print market but becoming a more content-centric business that can offer greater value across both their print and digital divisions.

AIM also wanted to invest in a single system. Having grown the business through acquisitions in recent years, their teams were managing disparate technologies and the challenges that come with operating multiple systems and applications. They were keen to streamline their solutions and consolidate data as far as possible for a more joined-up view of their customers.

According to Lineup, AIM was particularly impressed by Amplio’s data-driven marketing capabilities, and its ability to help create better offers for their readers by utilising the Single Customer View.

AIM has commenced the roll out of Amplio, with a view to expanding adoption to all brands. Their goal is to achieve increased reader engagement, better reader retention and higher subscription revenue, across all online content offerings.

Chris Spalding, Chief Executive Officer at Lineup, said: “We’re delighted to welcome this prestigious company to our customer list, and we are certain that Amplio has the capabilities to support and grow AIM’s monetisation plans. With Amplio, AIM will be able to achieve a single customer view and leverage in-depth customer insights to deliver tailored subscription products to the right audiences, increasing the opportunity for new subscribers and overall reader revenue potential.”

Andrew Clurman, CEO at AIM, had the following to say about the new partnership: “With so many media clients, Lineup has a great understanding of how companies like us operate, market and sell. So Amplio is purpose built for media organisations like us.

“We’ve been pretty frustrated and have struggled in the past because, in most cases, you can license the software, but it tends to be a blank slate where you have to build in all the functionality that you need specifically for your own purposes. Other systems I have seen might be scalable across different industries, but do not have the specific application and business knowledge needed to understand a media organisation. Amplio seems to be first one that’s really purpose built to combine all the functions we need, without needing a whole team of BI and data experts. As the system is purpose built for what we are doing, this means our existing content and marketing teams are able to manage this really easily.”

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