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ark media acquires D&G Media

Newly launched ark media purchased D&G media this week.

D&G is best known for supplying the UK's cruise terminals with magazines, newspapers and promotional literature via media stands. This includes eight racks located at the centre of UK cruise activity in Southampton.

ark media will additionally be offering a range of publisher services, including consultancy services on all aspects of newsstand and contract publishing including marketing, distribution, print, digital and logistics.

D&G recently made significant investment to its stands in Southampton giving ark media a strong offering in the world of copy placement. Media screens are attached to each of the stands providing publishers with both a digital and print sampling service. Publishers can utilise these for a specific advertiser, a new offer or to reinforce their brand, says ark media.

ark media has also created its own luxury South Coast distribution footprint, further developing copy placement opportunities in the region, to provide access to an ABC1, affluent, high net-worth audience, says the company.

Commenting on the launch, Matt Pryce, Managing Director added: "ark media is here to offer fresh and exciting ideas to publishers. With both experience and creativity, we advise publishers on how to get the most out of their much-loved magazines. I urge them to visit our website or to give us a call and see what we can do."