Celloglas helps rebrand Computer Arts Magazine

Computer Arts Magazine has released its rebranded and reinvented, re-design issue complete with special decorative finishes completed at Celloglas Leicester.

The front cover includes a futuristic design, created by Mogollon, a design agency located in New York, with the Computer Arts new logo, and slogan: ‘Design Matters’. Celloglas applied a combination of new and innovative finishes to the cover including, a red foil with an emboss, velvet varnish and spot gloss UV and two different types of graining – a new service now offered in the Cellofoil swatch range.

Jo Gulliver, Art Editor at Computer Arts, visited the site whilst the cover was being finished. The processes were filmed whilst in production to be made into a behind-the-scenes video. Jo commented; “The production video has been really popular with our readers, as it gives them a unique chance to see how the cover was made to look and feel as it does.”

The Velvet varnish and spot UV were placed in one pass on the Heidelberg, a machine capable of running 15,000 sheets an hour, as part of the Cellocover service, whilst the red foil, embossing and engraving processes all went through on separate passes on other machines.

Steve Middleton, Sales Director at Celloglas, commented; “It is always a pleasure to work with the team at Computer Arts magazine – and this cover was no exception. Their creative ideas for the final look meant that we could use a range of new finishes from our Cellofoil service– including the new engraining process. The finished result is spectacular and has proved extremely popular”.

The Computer Arts re-design issue, which was released on Thursday the 4th of April, has already received a large amount of praise from readers on all social networks, says Celloglas. Comments on Twitter include: “Who says print is dead! @ComputerArts the redesign issue is simply stunning” and “Awesome front cover on the new @ComputerArts magazine. Can’t stop touching it!”

The making of CA’s redesign cover’ video on YouTube reached over 700 views in under a week.

Jo said; “We can’t believe how well our readers have taken to the redesign, and the print finishes have definitely helped to make this issue stand out from the crowd”.

About Celloglas

Celloglas says: “Celloglas is the UK's leading specialist in decorative print finishing, with sites in Reading, Leicester and Leeds.”