Chemical Watch and Enhesa launch Regulatory Database

Chemical Watch, a provider of intelligence and insights for product safety professionals managing chemicals, is joining forces with Enhesa, a provider of environmental, health and safety compliance intelligence, to launch the Regulatory Database.

Chemical Watch and Enhesa launch Regulatory Database
Stuart Foxon: “Regulatory Database goes beyond anything Chemical Watch has offered before.”

The Regulatory Database is a global database of baseline regulatory requirements for product safety product professionals, alongside the complete view of emerging and forecasted regulation. Information is presented in a consistent, standardised structure, drawing on Chemical Watch and Enhesa’s combined experience in making complex compliance requirements easy to understand and actionable for product safety teams, say the two companies.

The Regulatory Database covers 279 jurisdictions in one place, monitored by a team of 85 legal experts and regulatory analysts working across Chemical Watch and Enhesa. The comprehensive structured product compliance data solution is the first collaboration between the businesses since Enhesa acquired Chemical Watch in December 2020.

Stuart Foxon, Chief Operating Officer at Chemical Watch, said: “Regulatory Database goes beyond anything Chemical Watch has offered before, introducing an extensive global database of compliance content – some 55,000 items detailing regulatory requirements and business impacts – integrated into Chemical Watch’s class-leading platform, alongside our other products and services, to provide our members with a comprehensive product compliance solution.”

Yves Marteau, Chief Operating Officer at Enhesa, commented: “Enhesa provides complete and precise, understandable and actionable coverage of key environmental, health and safety regulations globally. For many years we have also systematically identified and analysed product compliance developments in all the jurisdictions we cover. We are now delighted to see this being made available to Chemical Watch customers, added to its fantastic platform, alongside related news and insight, and professional development content.”

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