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EMAP Launch New Responsive Websites across Portfolio

EMAP, part of the Top Right Group, has been working with Abacus e-Media on a major project to upgrade fifteen major brands to the latest version of the Webvision CMS.

Most importantly, this version incorporates responsive web design, which according to Oliver Merlin, Operations Director at EMAP is “critical to our approach to business. We look at everything through a mobile lens. We know that our customers are moving to mobile, and responsive web design ensures that no matter what mobile device our customers choose to use, the experience will be consistently excellent.” The responsive upgrade project, which includes Abacus redesigning all fifteen websites, has completed the final phase of the roll-out.

The move by customers to mobile is being tracked by EMAP who have seen the split between mobile and desktop grow from 50:50 to closer to 80:20, although there is variation between the different brands.

EMAP first installed Webvision in 2008. Around 150 journalists, plus freelancers, now use the platform everyday to create and upload their content across the entire EMAP portfolio, including Retail Week, MEED and Health Service Journal. The company is focussing on a mobile first corporate subscriptions model, developing multiple revenue streams via paid for content and events, and growing their customer base. Paid for content has grown from 31% of revenue to 43% with the target to go over the 50% mark. Being able to offer engaging content, regardless of the device by which it is accessed, is fundamental to EMAP’s strategy, and this is being delivered with the new Webvision implementation, says Abacus e-Media.

Webvision is integrated with a number of other technologies, including HP Autonomy IDOL, Madgex Job boards, plus a number of other data and e-learning products.

Mark Coster, Technology Development Director at EMAP: “Over the years we have developed a strong partnership with Abacus. They have a thorough understanding of our business and have very good project management skills. Webvision has performed consistently well and this latest version will, we believe, transform the experience of our users.”

Daniel Murphy, Director at Abacus e-Media said, “the first wave of site launches signals the beginning of a strategic shift for EMAP, in terms of meeting the demands of their customer base with a professional mobile web experience, and we are delighted to be working with them to help deliver their digital strategy.”

Retail Week, the first brand to unveil their new responsive website stated on their website: “Over the past few years we have witnessed a significant shift in how you, our customers, find, read and engage with our content. To support this change all our content is now digital first and 70% of our content is online only, including hundreds of videos, infographics and store galleries. Today, we are excited to reveal that we have redesigned our website with you in mind. We know that many subscribers want the latest content on the go, so we’ve made responsive – meaning no matter how you access our website, either via laptop, tablet or smartphone, you will get the same quality experience.”

According to Abacus e-Media, Webvision CMS supports genuine multichannel publishing, having one CMS where all content production can be controlled through a single workflow and delivered to each channel (web, mobile, tablet and print).