FourFourTwo launches online guide to the World Cup

FourFourTwo has launched an online guide to the World Cup with everything fans need to know about the tournament, including in-depth guides to the 32 competing teams.

The digital version extends the reach of FourFourTwo’s print guide and includes special features on the venues, history of the World Cup, young players to watch and football innovations.

Available in four languages - English, German, Indonesian and Thai - the guide is fully responsive and was built using a multimedia platform designed to enable publishers to create compelling, immersive storytelling for the web.

Nike, whose “Risk Everything” campaign has been causing waves, are advertising partners across both print and digital versions of the guide, with high-impact ads running throughout the site.

Commenting on the launch, Brand Director of FourFourTwo, Hugh Sleight, said: "Our 2010 print World Cup Guide was published in 15 markets and was a big success, but four years on, the media landscape has changed dramatically. Clearly we needed to evolve and digital had to be a major component. Our print guide remains hugely important to us and will be published in over 20 markets but the digital version allows us to innovate.

“FourFourTwo is approaching its 20th birthday and its strengths have always been its ability to tell compelling stories around football with depth, expertise and a touch of panache. We think this guide transfers those skills to the web in a way that both our audience and our clients will love.”

FourFourTwo’s digital portfolio includes a global website, a stats app, an iPad magazine app, a website offering advice on playing the game better and the free Football Weekly app on iOS and Android.