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Future announces launch of woman&home in South Africa

Earlier this month, Future announced that they have entered an agreement to license woman&home magazine to Highbury Media, South Africa.

Future announces launch of woman&home in South Africa

According to Future, Highbury Media will ensure that the South African version is as “dynamic, fashionable, opinionated and well-informed” as ever.

Highbury Media added: “From on-trend fashion and savvy beauty, to everyday recipes, innovative decor and relevant journalism, we harness and embrace the power and creativity of South Africa’s women, and inspire in all areas of her life. The health, fitness, finance, travel and motoring sections satisfy an audience who wants to be in the know – and woman&home is the multi-media brand for them.”

Catherine Westwood, Editor in Chief, says, “We are delighted to be working with Highbury Media to bring woman&home to South Africa. Their first issue reveals their vision and interpretation of the brand for their market – it is inspiring, relevant and exciting, while remaining true to the ethos of woman&home – both empowering and celebrating women.”

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