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Guardian develops Google Glassware for launch of Glass Explorer programme in the UK

The Guardian is launching its first Glassware, the Guardian for Glass, as part of yesterday’s official launch of the Glass Explorer programme in the UK.

The Guardian for Glass offers updates of the Guardian’s journalism with regular bundles of headline stories from the UK, Australian and US editions, as well as breaking news notifications – making it even easier to be up-to-date with the news. Special features include the option to have short summaries delivered in audio, content sharing and the ability to save news items to read later on a desktop or mobile device.

The event marks one of the Guardian’s first experiments in bringing its content to wearable technologies, and the first time that Google Glass will be available outside the US. The Guardian is one of the first organisations to create Glassware for the UK Explorer launch, and its Glassware will be available to anyone, anywhere with Google Glass.

Subhajit Banerjee, mobile editor, Guardian News and Media: ”We are keen to explore the new ways that Glass will be able to present our journalism to our audience, as well as how they interact with our stories. Our Glassware offers a selection of content that showcases the breadth of the Guardian's journalism and keeps the user updated to the minute with breaking news notifications. This is the first step on this exciting journey and we look forward to developing our Glassware as the platform and audience grow.”

Alan Rusbridger, editor-in-chief, Guardian News and Media: “The Guardian’s philosophy and approach to journalism is independent of any platform. What intrigues us most about Google Glass and other wearable devices are the new journalistic opportunities they provide, and how they allow us to collaborate with our readers around the world while respecting their privacy.”

Google Glass will be available for people on the Glass Explorer programme. For information on how to join the programme please click here, or if you’re already a Glass user, click here to use the Guardian for Glass today.