Investment Week uses blogging tool Scribble to cover the Budget

In a move to develop its social media strategy, the Investment Week editorial team is using live blogging tool Scribble to cover key events.

Finding new and inventive ways of connecting with readers, building brand awareness and distributing content as widely as possible is a priority for journalists on this team, says Incisive Media.

Scribble has allowed the team to not only produce rolling coverage of events such as the Budget and the Autumn Statement, but also improve reader engagement by incorporating tweets from industry commentators, interactive graphs, tables, images, PDFs and statistics to illustrate and analyse stories more effectively.

The use of Scribble has resulted in some impressive user engagement numbers, say the publishers. The Budget 2015 live blog had 120 live watchers while the team were blogging; rolling coverage of the European Central Bank’s latest policy announcement saw readers spend an average of 74 minutes on the page, and the Autumn Statement blog received 1,691 page views.

Readers were encouraged to comment on the blogs, upload content and engage with the team in other ways. Opinion polls on each live blog have proved popular and increased engagement.

Investment Week’s editorial team sees huge potential in using tools such as this to deliver a better quality product to its readers and encourage them to spend longer on the website.