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IPSO launches Journalists’ Advisory Panel

IPSO has launched a panel to offer journalists’ perspectives on IPSO’s work and wider industry issues.

The Journalists’ Advisory Panel will discuss the issues facing journalists arising from IPSO’s work or related to the Editors’ Code; provide advice and observations on wider industry issues; provide views to any external review or audit; act as a focal point for journalists to feedback on their experiences of IPSO and provide comment on any issues on which IPSO is consulting or developing guidance.

The seven panellists are Aasma Day (Lancashire Evening Post); Chris Burn (Yorkshire Post); Dan Townend (Daily Express); David Butcher (Radio Times); Jennifer McKiernan (Aberdeen Evening Express) Michelle Hather (Good Housekeeping); and Lydia Willgress (The Daily Telegraph).

Charlotte Urwin, IPSO’s Head of Standards, said: “I am delighted that we have managed to recruit a panel of such calibre, drawn from across our membership. Their input will be invaluable in supporting IPSO’s important work around press standards.”

IPSO has also set up a Readers’ Advisory Panel to offer advice from the perspective of readers and citizens, which met for the first time in October 2016.