Launch: enki

enki, a new monthly magazine aimed at both men and women about luxury modern domestic architecture and design, goes on sale on 21 March, priced £4.80.

Launch: enki

enki is created for people who like to dream about the space around them and aspire to a better way of living. From the minute the reader picks up this new magazine they are immersed in a world of beauty and luxury, say the publishers. enki is about quiet luxury, true craftsmanship and creating a happy way of living through good architectural practices and design. This new publication showcases how creative design can actually change the way you live your life.

According to distributors Marketforce, there are no other architectural magazines in the glossy sector aimed at the design conscious consumer: “This magazine is beautiful and aspirational. Every word carries authority, but there is a relaxing quality to it, transporting readers to their dream.”

Charlotte Coward-Williams is the Editor of enki and launched her first magazine 25 years ago and has since launched or re-launched 10 major consumer magazines.

She says: “I strongly believe in the future of print magazines, we need to react to the changing needs of an increasingly fragmented market. We should not try to complete with the internet, but offer something rich that is different and exclusive. It is our job to provide something beautiful and tactile that will inspire readers, offering a unique experience that will build loyalty and repeat purchase. I’ve always loved magazines and want to give our readers that buzz you get when a new issue of a much-loved magazine drops on the doormat or appears on the newsstand”.

Enki is published by Dock Street Creative Productions and distributed by Marketforce.