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Navigating the Digital Horizon: Two Solutions in Publishing Technology

PressReader’s Ana Cervantes highlights two technologies that are helping publishers improve their digital performance.

By Ana Cervantes

Navigating the Digital Horizon: Two Solutions in Publishing Technology
Ana Cervantes.

As traditional publishing methods intersect with the digital domain, a number of cutting-edge technologies have emerged. For publishers navigating this dynamic landscape, gaining insights into these tools is indispensable for efficient content management and heightened reader engagement. Here are two technologies that are available in today’s market:

1. Streamlining content delivery with SDKs

The evolution from print to digital has necessitated a shift in the way publishers approach delivery to meet how readers like to consume content. Software Development Kits have become a vital resource in this transition, particularly for mobile and app-based publishing. They provide a set of tools that streamline the development of applications, making it accessible even for those with limited technical expertise.

A publisher’s SDK app enables subscribers to access their digital edition seamlessly within the publisher’s existing app. This eliminates the need for users to download a separate app, reducing hassle and potentially boosting engagement. Embedding the digital edition into a publisher’s news app creates a more cohesive and user-friendly experience for the reader.

SDKs also present a practical solution to a common challenge in digital publishing – creating responsive, feature-rich applications efficiently. This frees publishers from the technical challenges, allowing them to focus on their core strength: creating and curating content in an era dominated by mobile devices.

Publishers also consider SDKs as convenient solutions to consolidate multiple titles in their portfolios from dozens, if not hundreds, of apps into one. While developing news apps can be prohibitive due to length of time and cost involved, SDKs cut both cost and timelines significantly, for both publishers and developers.

An example of this is the Swiss Italian-language daily newspaper laRegione, which recently integrated the Branded Editions SDK into its app. The publisher highlighted the benefits, stating: “The integration allows us to simplify user authentication, centralise device control, and customise strategic commercial offers based on user preferences.”

2. Giving digital content a curated feel with content aggregating technologies

As the volume of digital content continues to grow, presenting it cohesively and engagingly becomes, sometimes, a daunting task for publishers. Compiled Editions, a content aggregating technology, addresses this challenge by assembling content from RSS feeds and other digital sources into cohesive standalone publications. This technology organises diverse streams, such as articles, blogs, and news, into a compelling, reader-friendly format.

Compiled Editions bridges the gap between print and web-based content, offering content providers and publishers the opportunity to generate additional revenue. By presenting digital content in a print-like format across various channels, including digital platforms like PressReader, it enhances the overall reader experience and can reach new audiences.

As the publishing landscape continues to evolve, technologies like SDKs and Compiled Editions enable publishers to adapt to the digital age, not just by providing technical solutions, but by helping them to reimagine how their readers experience their content.

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