New Data Platform set to revolutionise Agri-Food supply chain

Leading data insight company Proagrica, part of the global RELX Group, last week launched the rollout to the agri-food supply chain of Agility, its new data platform which collects, aggregates, cleans and delivers accurate and timely data from multiple sources.

New Data Platform set to revolutionise Agri-Food supply chain

Agility is, says Proagrica, already giving businesses, across the agriculture supply chain, competitive advantage through actionable insights and data analytics to see:

* What success factors and limitations are driving their business?

* Why did they happen and what data-sets can identify them?

* What identified areas in their control can they and/or their key partners improve?

* How can actionable data ensure these improvements are qualified and developed?

Already in use by major international businesses, Agility is now being implemented in Europe, North America, and Australasia.

“This is nothing short of a business revolution,” says Nick Evans, Head of Agility. “Agility is delivering unprecedented results for the onboarded businesses so far. We already have significant numbers of new users at every level of the supply chain, using the service to give their business enhanced decision making capabilities.”

From farmers, with their advisors and suppliers, growing more productive, higher quality and more profitable produce, to processors seeing greater profits through more efficient factories and logistics, Agility has the capability to help change the supply chain like no other platform, says Proagrica.

“Every step of the supply chain benefits,” explains Mr Evans. “Agility makes it possible to anticipate and plan for major decisions that affect every business. Our fully integrated system makes sense of data from all sources whether generated by the company, its suppliers, customers or external third parties.”

Bringing together the integration abilities of F4F, now part of Proagrica, and the global reach in big data experience of the RELX Group, Proagrica’s new platform claims to be able to:

• Provide greater visibility of production practices and outcomes.

• Turn siloed internal data into actionable intelligence when integrated with previously inaccessible external data.

• Reduce assumptions and information gaps allowing for faster commercial decisions – confident, informed and accurate.

From farm production to food manufacturers, brands and grocers, the millions of aggregated data points Agility delivers, enable those companies to personalise recommendations for their customers, make immediate improvements to the customer experience, improve productivity and deliver business efficiency.

Proagrica claims to have already seen huge traction from Agility in advance of the official launch.

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