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PAMCo release latest audience data

Today sees the release of ‘PAMCo Bridge 3 2021’ including updated print estimates for the first time in over a year.

PAMCo release latest audience data

This data shows that 91% of British adults consume magazine media or newsbrand content across a month.

PAMCo was already developing an online approach when Covid struck and gave it the opportunity to accelerate those developments and implement a new “online first” methodology.

This approach has allowed the organisation to collect data whilst in-home face-to-face interviewing was not possible and gives flexibility to evolve further in the future.

PAMCo’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances and return to the field was recognised at the recent MRS Oppies Awards where Ipsos MORI won “Best Covid response – Data collection” for their work on PAMCo.

This new dataset covers the period July 2019 – June 2021 for print data with July 2021 Ipsos iris digital data, incorporating this new digital data for the first time. It is a blend of data collected with a face-to-face methodology (pre-Covid) and data collected with an ‘online first’ methodology (since Covid restrictions were lifted).

The pre-Covid sample will be phased out over the next 3 releases and by Spring 2022 PAMCo will have a dataset based entirely on the new ‘online first’ method. As such, the PAMCo board have agreed that the data releases up until then will be labelled ‘Bridge’ to make clear this is a transitional phase.

While the data is the best available for day-to-day planning and trading, due to the different methodologies, it should not be used for purposes of comparison with any other data release, says PAMCo. On this basis the board has agreed to share PAMCo Bridge individual brand data with paying stakeholders only.

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