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PCS Announces New HQ at Grosvenor House

After the sale of the Express and Star, PCS, a publishing software company specialising in regional newspapers and magazines, have found a new home.

PCS Announces New HQ at Grosvenor House
The move to Grosvenor House enhances the company’s operational efficiency.

PCS’s senior management team explored numerous office spaces throughout the Midlands, and eventually settled on Grosvenor House in Telford as its new headquarters.

Managing Director Matt Whiles said: “As PCS continues to champion hybrid working, we recognised that our previous office space was no longer aligned with our evolving needs. Our new headquarters at Grosvenor House not only optimises our operations but also signifies a fresh start for PCS. The lush green surroundings have breathed new life into our working environment, providing us with a rejuvenating outlook.”

The decision to relocate to Grosvenor House also reaffirms PCS’s commitment to its long-standing relationship with The Shropshire Star, a valued customer who also reside at Grosvenor House.

This move not only marks a shift in PCS’s physical presence but also signals a potential array of new opportunities, coinciding with the recent acquisition of the company by National World, says PCS.

Matt Whiles, PCS’s managing director.

Matt Whiles further noted, “We are thrilled with our new headquarters, and the tranquil environment of Grosvenor House resonates with our vision for the future. We look forward to embracing the possibilities that lie ahead under our new ownership with National World, which could open doors to a realm of exciting prospects in the world of publishing software and media landscape.”

According to PCS, this relocation underscores PCS’s commitment to flexibility, adaptability, and customer satisfaction. The move to Grosvenor House enhances the company’s operational efficiency while preserving the essence of its relationships with both long-standing and new customers.

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