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For over 50 years, PCS has stood as a reliable publishing partner in the media sector, enabling publishers to improve editorial, ad-sales, and circulation workflows using our innovative software, nurturing deeper connections with audiences and advertising partners.

Our collaborative partnership with publishers across the UK is something that has come to define our whole ethos. At PCS, we ensure our systems are perfect for each individual business – working side-by-side with each team, we troubleshoot and implement software that revolutionises the way they work.

How do we do this? By integrating technology to streamline publishers’ workflows. Our customers have seen such benefits as:

  • An Increase in Market Share: Through acquisitions supported by our easy to scale technology platforms.
  • Diversification of Revenue Streams: Enabled by solutions which serve evolving advertising and content distribution channels.
  • Reduction of Costs: By increasing productivity with automation and more efficient workflows.
  • Increased Collaboration: Utilising technology which facilitates outsourcing, such as advert creation, page planning, data hosting and financial management.
  • Dedicated Support: Our In-house experts assist every department. They are always on standby to provide support and software training.

Our solutions offer the vital tools required to produce high quality, printed and digital products.

Knowledge Publish – CMS

Seamlessly joins content creation and publishing across print, digital and everything in between.

  • Flat planning
  • Scalable database & integrated DAM
  • Content ingestion from external sources into print workflow
  • Automated content placement & fitting logic

Knowledge Prospect – CRM

An advertising sales and customer management platform built specifically for diversifying media businesses.

  • Integrated leads management
  • Single customer view
  • Financial management
  • KPI & dynamic reporting

Knowledge Pulse – Ad Production

Gives publishers control over their print and digital ad production.

  • Automated graphic workflows
  • Enhanced proofing & copy instruction functionality
  • Cloud-based job asset storage

NCS – Circulation & Distribution

Strengthens relationships with customers through quality circulation, distribution, and subscription management.

  • Fully control print & digital subscriptions
  • Integrated invoicing
  • Dynamic route planner

PCS is part of National World plc, one of the UK’s leading media organisations. With over 50 years collaborating with publishers, our solutions are flexible, fitting in with each individual organisation, providing workflows which can be meticulously designed with our in-house experts. Transitioning over to a new way of working will ensure you have control over every aspect of your publication. You will see the time-consuming processes are automated, leaving more of your team to work on the projects that contribute to your business’ success.