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Project Wingman is given DMGT Community Awards Donation

The i newspaper’s Newspaper Sales team has chosen to donate its £5,000 prize to Project Wingman after it won the Team Award in parent company DMGT’s Community Champion Awards 2021.

Project Wingman is given DMGT Community Awards Donation
(L-R): Capt Suzanne Morgan (BA), Paul Bacon (i Newspaper), Anna Syrota (Wingman volunteer), Jayne Dunnett (Wingman volunteer), Chris Horn (Gold Key Media), Viv Rose (Wingman volunteer), Julie Culter (Wingman volunteer), Capt Tim Allen (BA).

i was awarded the prize having worked very closely with their distributor Gold Key Media to supply complimentary daily supplies of their newspaper to over 80 NHS hospitals per day across the UK throughout the pandemic. NHS staff were able to access free newspapers that were made available in the Project Wingman lounges, set up as Wellness Centres for NHS workers to allow them a place of sanctuary, rest and recuperation during their arduous shifts.

Captain Emma Henderson MBE, Founder & CEO of Project Wingman said: “The supply of complimentary newspapers and magazines into our lounges became an essential and very welcome part of the Project Wingman offering in both our on-site and our mobile lounges. Giving the battle weary NHS workers a cup of tea, a newspaper and some friendly faces was often all that was needed to turn a frown upon arrival into a smile upon departure.”

Paul Bacon, i’s Key Account Manager said: “When Gold Key Media alerted us to the work being done by themselves and Project Wingman, we were very happy to help out and show our thanks to the NHS staff. Prior to the pandemic we had supplied airlines with our newspapers so it seemed appropriate that, as airline crews volunteered their time away from the skies to help out with Project Wingman, we supported this wonderful initiative so i could instead be enjoyed by thousands of NHS workers in their brief moments of relaxation.”

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