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Regulator announces new IPSO Mark

The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) today announced the launch of the IPSO mark, a visual symbol that can be used by all its publications to show their commitment to professional standards and an edited, regulated product.

Regulator announces new IPSO Mark

In an era where the public’s trust in journalism has been undermined because of the rise of ‘fake news’, the new IPSO mark is a way in which the 2,500 newspapers, magazines and websites can show that they embrace high editorial standards and public accountability, says IPSO. The mark, designed in partnership with McCann includes the strapline ‘For press freedom with responsibility’.

A full-scale advertising campaign will be launched by IPSO early in the new year to further raise awareness of its work and inform the public and stakeholders about the services it offers.

Commenting on the announcement, IPSO’s Chief Executive, Matt Tee said: “I strongly believe that IPSO membership helps our publishers distinguish themselves from the unregulated, thereby demonstrating that they choose to hold themselves accountable to higher standards.

He continued: “The newspaper and magazine industry faces a number of complex challenges over the short term and I firmly believe that one of the ways in which it can thrive and prosper is by its commitment to independent, effective regulation. That means IPSO, and that’s why I’m proud that so many of our member publications will proudly display our mark on their pages.”

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