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The Stationers’ Company announces new award category

With entries now open for the 2024 Awards, the Stationers’ Company has announced a new EdTech category for this years’ awards.

The Stationers’ Company announces new award category

The Stationers’ Company says entries in this area have been growing steadily, from publishers moving into online course provision, start-ups and social enterprises providing literacy and social skills development, to companies from across the spectrum of the content and communications industries utilising edtech tools to help customers optimise product or service performance.

According to the Stationers’ Company, the full list of Award categories for 2024 is:

  • Business Process
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Educational Technology (EdTech)
  • Product Design
  • Start-ups

An overall ‘Innovator of the Year’ is chosen from the winners of each category, and businesses can enter for more than one Award.

Entries are encouraged from the £70bn industries that the Stationers’ Company proudly represents, including packaging; paper making & converting; news media, journalism, and magazine publishing; printing; trade, academic and information publishing; fine stationery, greeting cards, office products and related intellectual property and archival businesses - all are welcome to submit entries in these inclusive Awards.

There is no restriction on the size of business applying – entries can come from global operations, SME and non-profit businesses including charities and educational enterprises, with start-ups again having a dedicated category. Businesses must be UK-based or have a UK based sales/marketing operation. Information on the Awards is also available from the relevant Trade Associations, which actively support these ‘Awards of Awards’.

Winner of Innovator of the Year in 2023 was A-dapt International with Ms Rose – Adaptive Media Maths Tutorial, which uses Emotion AI technology to personalise learning. Since winning, Federico Menna, CEO European Institute of Innovation and Technology observed: “Emotion AI is the next trend after generative because, on top of being able to generate content based on user interaction or request, emotion AI is able to react and understand the emotions of the human in front of the machine and react accordingly.”

The 2024 Awards ceremony lunch and champagne reception will be on Friday 11th October at the historic Stationers’ Hall in the City of London. Entries close 7pm on 2nd May 2024. Click here for entry form and judging criteria.

The Stationers' Company says judges are keen to see applications that focus on novel products, services or business processes that have a positive financial and/or social impact on customers and on the environment.

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