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Stationers’ Innovation Excellence Awards – winners announced

A revolutionary way of creating spare parts for everything from warships to washing machines won the Innovator of the Year award at the Stationers’ Company Innovation Excellence Awards 2022 in London on 31 October.

Stationers’ Innovation Excellence Awards – winners announced
The Master of the Stationers’ Company, Moira Sleight, presents Xerox UK Managing Director, Darren Cassidy, with the Innovator of the Year trophy.

The Xerox ElemX 3D printer uses liquid metal to produce parts on demand, where and when they are needed, reducing costs and avoiding supply chain disruptions.

The Master of the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers, Ms Moira Sleight, said: “The Company always welcomed innovation and is as keen to do so today as it was nearly 600 years ago when it embraced William Caxton’s printing press.”

Behind her in the Company’s historic 17th century Great Hall, Caxton looked down from his stained glass window as she continued: “Innovation is so important not just for business growth but also for improving the lives of thousands, if not millions, of people.”

Since its formation in 1403, the Company has moved from quills and parchment to Caxton’s press and now to the 21st century age of digital communication. “It is entirely appropriate that the cutting edge world of 3D printing should have so boldly captured the attention of our awards judges,” Ms Sleight added.

“They felt that the Xerox process, which can produce urgently-needed parts in hours instead of weeks, is truly a potentially-disruptive innovation just as Caxton’s press was.”

Xerox UK Managing Director Darren Cassidy, whose company is based in Uxbridge, Middlesex, said: “This award really matters to us. It is so important to get such prestigious recognition and it will inspire everyone at every level of our team.”

The Xerox ElemX printer is different because it uses aluminium wire rather than powder to produce droplets of molten metal which, guided by a computer, builds up layer by layer to produce a precise replica of parts which can range from a ship’s valve to an exhaust nozzle. It is already used by the United States Navy to produce parts at sea, saving time and money, and has countless land-based applications, too.

Introducing the presentation ceremony, awards committee co-chair Jill Jones thanked Mathys and Squire, Picon and Hobbs the Printers for their support for the event and went on to say: “Innovation leads to survival in a rapidly-changing business world.” Her co-chair, Professor Linda Drew, said: “Innovation creates lasting advantages, increases value for companies and customers, and delivers better outcomes that improve life.”

Xerox ElemX also won the award In the Business Process category. Winners in other categories were:

  • Customer Experience: Cengage Learning, which offers students 24/7 access to thousands of textbooks, courses and digital products.
  • Marketing including Communications: Class Professional Publishing for CFR Plus, an app which guides first responders attending medical emergencies.
  • Product Design: TTS for Kitt the Learning Companion, a desktop robot which allows children to access personalised resources and record evidence of learning.
  • Service Development: Ricoh UK for Ricoh Supervisor, which analyses real-time data to help businesses get greater efficiency and cost savings from their printers.
  • Start-Ups: A-dapt International for their Adaptive-media Interview Coach, which guides young people in the skills and confidence needed in job interviews.

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