SOFILM, a new film magazine “celebrating the maverick side of movies and TV”, has its UK launch on 24 October. It will be published ten times a year and is priced £3.99.

According to distributors COMAG: Conceived by film lovers, SOFILM is a hugely successful magazine in France and is now launching in English, in the UK. Full of an energetic mix of news, reviews and in-depth interviews, every issue of SOFILM will also have behind-the-scenes stories and short, irreverent pieces.

With an offbeat tone and a taste for the back story, SOFILM is aimed at anyone looking for a cool and unique perspective on film and film culture, as well as TV, music and current affairs.

Talking about cinema through the prism of popular culture, SOFILM will use extensive interviews, reviews, investigations and cover stories to give readers access to a world of cinematic culture.

Not only appealing to film aficionados, with its irreverent perspective, gutsy voice, offbeat tone and wry humour, SOFILM is sure to have something of interest for all movie enthusiasts.

Whether it is a cult actor, film or visionary director, SOFILM will explore their work and influence in the broadest possible way. Putting their work into context, providing an insight into their choices and encourage readers to discover (or rediscover) some of the best filmmakers in the world.

Never a run-of-the-mill footballer, since retiring from sport Eric Cantona has carved out a career as an actor. Catching up with him in the South African bush where he was filming his latest movie, SOFILM spoke to Cantona about his second career, the results of which are in issue No.1

As well as the French icon, the launch issue of SOFILM has interviews with stars from around the world. From Isabella Rossellini talking about her low budget Green Porno series, Ricky Gervais speaking of his rise from TV comedian to Hollywood star and Oliver Stone discussing why he has made the move from big screen to television with his latest take on American history.

Elsewhere, issue No.1 of SOFILM investigates Hollywood’s love affair with Scientology, talks to a gas station attendant turned gigolo about some of Tinseltown’s most tawdry secrets, lists the top ten films that were never made and looks at Europe’s new art-house star, Abdellatif Kechiche.