Ultima creates insight partnership with ECG

Ultima Media, a B2B automotive media business, through its business intelligence (BI) arm ‘AUTOMOTIVE from ULTIMAMEDIA’ has established an insight and intelligence partnership with The Association of European Vehicle Logistics (ECG).

Ultima creates insight partnership with ECG
Gavin Miller: “We are delighted to have co-created a business intelligence partnership with ECG.”

The partnership includes AUTOMOTIVE from ULTIMAMEDIA providing ECG with automotive logistics analysis, data, insight and intelligence for the trade association and its members on specific industry topics and research requirements.

The partnership launches with a report on the impact of COVID-19 on the wider automotive supply chain, including outbound vehicle logistics.

Gavin Miller, Managing Director Ultima Media commented: “We are delighted to have co-created a business intelligence partnership with ECG, our first custom-built agreement and it follows the launch of our own in-house BI unit which we launched in the autumn of 2019. Our BI team have already produced a number of market briefings, reports and webinars on a number of key topics and industry challenges which we’ve distributed online, at our conferences and in print.”

Mike Sturgeon, Executive Director of ECG commented. “We’ve been looking at number of ways of providing more market insight and intelligence to our members including in-house. And we believe the best way is through this partnership with Ultima Media, given its content and publishing heritage on all things B2B automotive.”

The creation and launch of AUTOMOTIVE from ULTIMAMEDIA forms part of Miller’s strategy to migrate the legacy publisher to a data, intelligence, subscription and marketing services business.