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Who’s endorsing who

News media has been covering every twist and turn of the election. Who did they end up endorsing?

By James Evelegh

Who’s endorsing who

It’s election day!

The fact that we have one is a cause for celebration and everyone should be encouraging everyone to have their say through the ballot box.

If anyone on their way to the polling station is still undecided, they can look to publishers for guidance.

News media has been covering the election in depth and this is who they suggest you cast your vote for:

  • Vote Labour, says: The Sunday Times, Financial Times, The Sunday Mirror, The Observer, The Independent, Daily Record, The Economist, The Guardian, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Evening Standard, The Sun, The Sottish Sun
  • Vote Conservative, says: The Mail on Sunday, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Express, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Mail, Scottish Mail, Daily Express
  • Vote Count Binface, says: Daily Star
  • Don’t vote Labour, don’t vote Conservative, says: The National
  • Don’t vote Conservative, says: The Morning Star
  • We’re not going to tell you how to vote, says: The i, The Scotsman, The Times, The Irish News

Come tomorrow, will any of the above claim to be the one wot won it? Unlikely, unless perhaps, there is an unexpected result…

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