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Atex introduces new team

As part of a continuing mission to create new digital offerings and introduce customer-focused, market-driven capabilities across its worldwide product portfolio, Atex has announced the formation of a new Global Product Management and Marketing team.

The Global Product Management and Marketing (GPM) team aims to bring a modern and enhanced approach to Atex product development.  By using Scrum and agile methodologies, as well as User Advisory groups and CEO forums, the GPM team looks to develop stronger connections with new and existing Atex customers by engaging them in dialogue about strategies and products.  The GPM team will also promote Atex operating models in managed services, thin client technologies, cloud computing, and Software as a Service (SaaS). The intended result is greater harmony between the needs of the customer and the development process—allowing products and services to be delivered with more accuracy and rapidity at no added cost to the buyer.

The GPM team will also concentrate on extending the customer-centric features that are central to all Atex product roadmaps, including support for integrated workflows, improved efficiencies, reduced costs, and new revenue streams. The GPM team will work closely with Atex customers around the world to address emerging business requirements and innovative digital initiatives.

The GPM team is responsible for driving the product architecture, roadmaps, and integration strategies for Atex advertising, subscriptions, editorial and web content management systems. The team will also oversee Atex product launches into vertical markets, such as broadcast and magazine industries, as well as cross-media digital content management environments.

Corporate marketing and communications is now part of the Atex GPM organization, including customer advisory boards, web-based marketing programs, and support for regional marketing initiatives. In addition, the GPM team is responsible for furthering the Atex commitment to common software architectures, web services development, and a shared user-interface framework across all Atex products.

The GPM team is comprised of prominent Atex specialists along with industry experts who were recruited over the past six months to become full-time Global Product Managers. Team members include:

* Peter Marsh, Head of Global Product Management

* David Montgomery, Chief Architect

* Lars Jiborn, Global Product Manager, Advertising

* Anders Weijnitz, Global Product Manager, Web Content Management

* Gustaf Sahlman, Global Product Manager, Atex DNA (Digital News and Advertising)

* Christer Norberg, Global Product Manager, Atex OneView

* Davide Garavaglia, Global Product Manager, Editorial Content Management and Managed Services

* Cindy Still, Global Product Manager, Magazine Markets

* Patrik Eriksson, Global Product Manager, Atex Channel Partnerships and Broadcast Markets

* Peter Joseph, Global Marketing and Communications Manager

* Keegan Skidmore, Marketing Communications Specialist

“Our customers want us to build products that are reliable, that work effectively, and that are backed up by quality support services,” said Peter Marsh, Atex CTO and Head of Atex Global Product Management. “At the same time, our customers are looking to Atex to provide innovative technologies that help address the immense challenges faced by media companies around the world. We have formed the Global Product Management team to focus on creating and delivering product roadmaps that provide truly forward-looking and unified solutions, and which build upon Atex’s position as a single source for advertising, editorial, subscriptions, and web content management systems.”

Marsh continued, “The GPM team will also concentrate on specific vertical markets for Atex products, like the broadcast and magazine sectors, as well as evolving areas for our context-aware news and advertising products, such as mobile and e-reader technologies. In addition, we will take a leadership role in establishing global partnerships for Atex managed services, hosted solutions, and cloud computing environments.”

The Atex GPM team will continue to work closely with media companies around the world to create solid business cases and integrated products that are defined through the eyes of its customers. One recent example is the Erdee Media Groep in The Netherlands, an early adopter of the Atex DNA Digital News and Advertising suite. Bart Visser, Erdee Media’s Chief Executive Officer said, “The most important reason that led us to select Atex is their cross-media approach to publishing and their integrated offering. We wanted a single provider to manage both the advertising and the editorial processes to exploit all the possible integration opportunities. Our organization is changing from a print-centric approach to multi-channel content production and delivery, and we believe that the Atex solutions we have selected will support us in achieving this goal.”

Erdee Media Groep based in Apeldoorn, is the publisher of Reformatorisch Dagblad, the leading publication for the Protestant community in The Netherlands. Hans van Hoof, Business Development Manager for Erdee Media, added, “Another important reason for selecting Atex is the vision that Atex presented to us and that it matches very well with our own long-term strategy. By working together as partners, we are looking forward to implementing an integrated environment in which tools are no longer an obstacle for the user, but rather an opportunity to improve flexibility, quality and efficiency.”

About Atex

Atex says: “Atex, headquartered in Reading, UK, is a leading provider of software systems and services to the global media industry. With a 35-year history of continuous innovation and commitment to quality, Atex has the largest advertising, editorial, circulation, and Java web content management software delivery capability in the world. With over $1 billion USD worth of software installed worldwide, Atex supports more than 850 customers in 54 countries. Atex regional offices are located around the world, supporting both in-house and hosted managed services solutions. Atex has the largest R&D investment in the industry, and partners with world-leading complementary solutions providers to enhance its system integration and web services development activities.”