Bloomberg Intelligence Introduces Market Structure Research Practice

Bloomberg Intelligence (BI), the research division of Bloomberg that provides independent analysis and data on companies, industries and global markets, introduced a new practice on market structure research to help financial professionals better understand market efficiencies and how markets operate.

Bloomberg Intelligence Introduces Market Structure Research Practice
Larry Tabb: “Being part of BI, our research will be distributed globally.”

Led by Larry Tabb, Bloomberg Intelligence’s Head of Market Structure Research, the team analyses and covers the regulatory trends and service offerings that impact market structure, and offers insight into areas for improvement. The body of research complements BI’s proprietary research and data produced by a team of 350 research professionals to help Bloomberg Terminal clients make informed decisions in the rapidly moving investment landscape, says the company.

“The markets are getting more complex and we are happy to have Larry build out a team to help the Bloomberg community better understand and adapt to how markets and industry infrastructure is evolving,” said David Dwyer, Global Director of Research for Bloomberg Intelligence.

“I am excited to be building out a market structure research product for Bloomberg,” added Tabb. “Being part of BI, our research will be distributed globally to the core group of management, traders, and business professionals that can best put our research into practice.”

Bloomberg Intelligence’s coverage spans all major global markets, over 135 industries and 2000 companies while considering multiple strategic, equity and credit perspectives, says the company.

Bloomberg Intelligence is available exclusively for Bloomberg Terminal subscribers on the Bloomberg Terminal and the Bloomberg Professional App.