Bloomberg introduces new vertical: Bloomberg Wealth

Yesterday, Bloomberg Media launched Bloomberg Wealth, a new content vertical to help readers and viewers make smarter decisions about their personal finances.

Bloomberg introduces new vertical: Bloomberg Wealth

Bloomberg Wealth will go beyond financial-investing content and offer personal-development insights for those who want to live well, says the company.

Bloomberg Wealth will include six pillars: Investing, Savings & Retirement, Taxes, Living (where to live, renting vs. buying, collectibles, cost of family, divorce), Reinvention (education, careers, networking, starting a business), Opinion and Advice.

They will provide news and features on topics including stock trading, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, real estate, careers and education. Working with Bloomberg’s network of journalists across its global newsroom, Bloomberg Wealth says it will help demystify markets and macroeconomics, and serve as a hub for content on investments, taxes, how to work, how to get ahead and more.

In a time of market volatility and economic uncertainty, says Bloomberg Media, people around the world are showing an increased interest in managing their finances and investing to secure their future.

The content vertical will include a weekly newsletter, and provide users with a set of interactive, data-backed utilities designed to help consumers achieve their financial goals and navigate key decisions and moments in their lives. This includes dynamic tools that will help them gauge their financial health and evergreen Wealth Guides that summarise fundamental topics that influence their personal finances.

Examples of stories and opinion featured on Bloomberg Wealth include:

Morgan Stanley is a premier sponsor of Bloomberg Wealth.

Content from Bloomberg Wealth will be available first to Bloomberg Terminal subscribers, and will expand to live across Bloomberg Media’s multiple platforms on TV, radio, digital, mobile, social, Quicktake, Businessweek and live events.