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Daily Mail launches The Reaction

The Daily Mail has launched a new weekly talk show presented by columnists Andrew Pierce and Sarah Vine.

Daily Mail launches The Reaction
Left: Sarah Vine; Right: Andrew Pierce.

The Daily Mail says The Reaction will see Andrew and Sarah giving their opinions on the stories that have caught their eye that week, interviewing big-name guests and tackling the issues of the day.

Recorded in the Daily Mail’s new studios in its Kensington, West London offices, the talk show premiered at 5pm on Wednesday 10 January 2024.

It will be broadcast at the same time every week on the Daily Mail’s YouTube channel which has over three million subscribers, added the publisher.

Having been firm friends for over 20 years, Andrew and Sarah aren’t afraid to disagree with each other, so there will be plenty of feisty discussion and a few fiery exchanges, added The Daily Mail.

The Reaction is the latest show to be recorded in the Daily Mail’s new studio, alongside Palace Confidential which attracts over 400,000 views.

Sarah Vine said: “For me, this show is all about giving the viewer the low-down on all the stories that really matter – but also about offering lively, intelligent debate.

“We will probe, provoke – and hopefully provide food for thought for viewers seeking to make sense of the madness of the modern world.”

Andrew Pierce said: “If it’s important, we will talk about it. Sarah and I have worked together for more than 20 years. We like each other but that won’t stop us disagreeing.

“We are facing huge upheaval here in the UK and across the Atlantic. It’s exactly the right time for a show featuring strong, informed and occasionally humorous reaction.”

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