Forbes launches Forbes Demand Engine

Forbes yesterday introduced Forbes Demand Engine, its first lead-generation subscription service that utilizes Forbes content to deliver what it describes as “guaranteed marketing leads” to its partners.

Forbes launches Forbes Demand Engine
"Converting audience interest into tangible leads."

Forbes has worked with its partners to support lead generation for years and this new and dedicated subscription offering will refine and personalize the offering further, allowing brands to interact with their core audience through Forbes’ content.

Forbes Demand Engine uses our deep experience of working closely with partners and understanding their specific needs when it comes to converting audience interest into tangible leads,” said Jessica Sibley, Forbes Chief Revenue Officer. “We know our partners are seeking new opportunities and sources to drive growth and sales and we are pleased that through Forbes Demand Engine we can provide them with relevant content and a ready-made, customizable audience of decision makers to engage with and help drive their business forward.”

Forbes says: Demand Engine works by allowing our partners to subscribe to the use of Forbes content, content studio and data resources to engage audiences at scale. Each lead campaign is developed individually over the course of the subscription through collaboration with our marketing partners. The service combines the credibility and resonance of Forbes content with the efficiencies of a subscription offering to the benefit of our clients with specific lead or demand generation goals. Data from our audiences who actively engage with content will be captured and delivered to our partners.

Through Forbes Demand Engine, partners can target and connect with Forbes’ audience seamlessly on an ongoing basis. Unlike other services, say the publishers, Forbes Lead Engine can guarantee engagement and qualified, data-compliant leads.

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