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GumGum partners with Cedara

The collaboration between GumGum and Cedara accelerates decarbonization, and sustainability commitments for the contextual intelligence platform.

GumGum partners with Cedara
Phil Schraeder: “It will take global solidarity to protect the habitability of the planet and we’re committed to playing our role to reduce the effects of global warming.”

GumGum, a contextual-first, global digital advertising platform, has announced a new partnership with Cedara, the carbon intelligence platform. Utilising Cedara’s Enterprise software solution, GumGum will now have access to carbon measurement, reduction and reporting tools, a carbon offset marketplace, and the ability to sync emissions data with brand and agency partners using Cedara’s Investment Hub. Cedara will also serve as strategic advisors in GumGum’s company-wide decarbonization and sustainability efforts, says the company.

GumGum recognises the value of collaboration and partnership toward a mutual goal, including curbing global warming to ensure a sustainable future. The internet emits up to 4% of global carbon emissions and it’s estimated that the digital advertising industry exceeds one million tons of carbon per year. In contrast, the aviation industry contributes about half of the internet’s carbon output, responsible for about 2% of global emissions.

“It will take global solidarity to protect the habitability of the planet and we’re committed to playing our role to reduce the effects of global warming,” said Phil Schraeder, CEO of GumGum. “Not only will we be able to move the needle on our own footprint and sustainability practices as a business, but we’re also going to be able to help our partners make more sustainable advertising choices.”

GumGum says their partnership with Cedara will enable the company to create an actionable carbon reduction strategy through granular mapping of emissions, employing Cedara’s media taxonomy which can then be used to calculate GumGum’s impression intensity. GumGum will be able to utilise this comprehensive data to share with brands and agencies to support a path to net zero. Cedara’s Enterprise platform capabilities will also extend to employees as well as to publisher partners. Cedara’s carbon offset marketplace, including verified carbon removal projects related to biomass, forestry, gas capture and more, will enable GumGum to purchase carbon credits.

“Our mission at Cedara is to help businesses pave a more sustainable and carbon-free future,” stated David Shaw, founder and CEO of Cedara. “With GumGum, we’re not only going to be providing advanced carbon analytics, we’re also using this high-impact data to recommend strategic choices with a sustainable-first mindset across the business.”

“This partnership has been many months in the making and we’re thrilled to have Cedara as a strategic partner in building a more sustainable business,” said Adam Schenkel, executive vice president of global platforms and strategy at GumGum. “Tracking, measuring and reporting our carbon emissions will help us make more informed and intentional decisions that prioritise the health of the planet, ultimately benefiting us all in the process.”

Sustainability is one of GumGum’s core strategic priorities for 2023 and beyond, the company added. Cedara’s partnership will be critical in the company’s development of a decarbonization and sustainability policy that works toward carbon net zero. GumGum will conduct quarterly sustainability reviews across the platform to identify ways to reduce emissions and deploy solutions. In addition to auditing technology, GumGum says it is designing sustainability-inspired office environments that foster connection between employees, partners, clients, the communities we live in and the environment. The new offices around the globe will be centred around a bigger purpose including flexibility, sustainability, community and growth. GumGum’s Farmhouses, the new, futuristic workspaces, will be office spaces informed by the world around us, putting an emphasis on community building without sacrificing societal and environmental good.

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