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SeenThis launches Emissions Dashboard

Clients can now measure data transfer and related carbon footprint, with performance insights, at creative, campaign and agency level.

SeenThis launches Emissions Dashboard

Adaptive streaming company SeenThis has announced the launch of its new Emissions Dashboard which enables clients to track, measure and analyze their carbon footprint stemming from data transfer, alongside their campaign performance, in real time. This news follows the announcement of SeenThis’ new creative platform last month.

In addition to enhanced performance, SeenThis technology enables advertisers to reduce their overall data use, thereby reducing unnecessary carbon emissions compared to traditional video ad serving. The Emissions Dashboard includes key insights such as CO2e avoidance, CO2e footprint, data reduction and data transfer, says the company.

Gabrielle Persson, VP Products at SeenThis explains: “Our unique technology with its data-saving capabilities empowers clients to access and download emission reports at agency, client and campaign level. It allows us to aggregate savings and look at specific creatives, whilst providing one of the few options marketers have at their disposal to reduce their energy consumption in campaigns and drive lower CO2 emissions. What’s more, no manual set-up is needed, with all campaigns tracked by default.”

Jesper Benon, CEO at SeenThis, adds: “SeenThis technology minimizes unnecessary data in digital advertising, resulting in both enhanced user experience and reduced climate impact. Clients are able to create customized, high performing ads in minutes with no license fee, nor production cost. We are all about combining performance with sustainability and transparency and with this new Emissions Dashboard, we are placing even more power in the hands of advertisers to improve ad performance whilst contributing to a more sustainable industry.”

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