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laRegione launches SDK news app

laRegione has announced it has teamed up with Branded Editions, powered by PressReader, to launch a news app integrating the newspaper's digital edition.

laRegione launches SDK news app
Hugo Merino: "In laRegione's case, integrating an SDK will streamline the process of monetizing their app by incorporating built-in advertising tools.”

This month, laRegione, a Swiss Italian-language daily newspaper, is launching a new SDK app with Branded Editions — a digital publishing solution powered by PressReader. The SDK will allow more built-in monetization features and enable subscribers to access the newspaper’s digital edition directly within its news app, which provides a seamless user experience.

A software development kit (SDK) is a collection of tools, libraries, and documentation that developers can use to build applications for a specific platform or operating system; an SDK provides pre-built tools and resources that can speed up development time, making it ideal for smaller development teams or individual developers who may not have the resources to create everything themselves, added the company.

In collaboration with the Swiss software-development company Arcaweb, laRegione has built an SDK that enables subscribers to access their digital edition directly within the publication's own app. This eliminates the need for users to download a separate app, which the company says can be cumbersome and result in lower engagement.

For laRegione, the decision to use an SDK was a strategic one. The publisher of laRegione explained: "The integration of the Branded Editions by PressReader SDK into laRegione app allows to simplify the user authentication process, centralize the control of the devices connected to the same reader and customize the strategic commercial offer based on user preferences.”

Hugo Merino, director of Branded Editions, stated: "In laRegione's case, integrating an SDK will streamline the process of monetizing their app by incorporating built-in advertising tools. By relying on pre-built tools and resources, using an SDK can make the app-development process more intuitive, allowing developers to focus on creating unique aspects of the app."

Merino advises publishers looking to build or upgrade their own ePaper apps to consider using an SDK: “It can really help streamline your development process and improve the user experience of your existing app — and Branded Editions technology can help you get the job done more efficiently and effectively.”

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