Online magazine launches competition for young writers

Adamah Media, an online magazine, is hosting a writing competition aimed for budding young writers aged 18 to 28.

Online magazine launches competition for young writers
Tascha von Uexkull: “Essentially we want to support, recognise and publish talented young adults hoping to break into a career in journalism.” Photograph: Kat Stokes on Unsplash.

The competition is designed to give budding young journalists and writers from across the globe the opportunity to get published, receive a cash reward, and receive professional development from the magazine’s editorial team. The deadline for submissions is 17 January 2022.

Adamah is an online magazine determined to provide a platform where a wide range of different views can be respectfully exchanged. With an underlying Christian ethos, Adamah advocates openness to people who might think differently and publishes writers from many different faith backgrounds or none at all.

Joseph Evans, Co-Founder and Editorial Director of Adamah, said: “Adamah Media seeks to be a gentle, positive voice in the midst of the culture wars now waging. We try to help people come out of their ghettos and engage with others sensibly and respectfully. Fairness matters greatly for us, treating people fairly, even those you might strongly disagree with.”

Adamah seeks to support what is feared might become a lost generation of creatives, in light of young people being among the worst financially affected by the coronavirus pandemic and thus more likely to pursue careers outside of the creative industries due to better pay and less competitive environments. To combat this, Adamah is offering one young writer financial support and opportunities for professional development.

Applicants will be competing for a cash prize of £200 and the competition is free to enter. Applicants can continue to have their writing published by Adamah, receive a 1-hour journalism masterclass, and work with Adamah’s editorial team to gain support and guidance for their development.

Managing Editor Tascha von Uexkull said: “Essentially we want to support, recognise and publish talented young adults hoping to break into a career in journalism.” She recognises that “this journey can be tough and that being paid for your writing when you lack experience is not easy,” which is why Adamah are “offering not only a cash prize of £200 but also opportunities for professional development, including a 1 hour masterclass with our associate editor Ronnie Convery.”

Referring to Adamah’s mission of promoting open-minded and respectful journalism, she said that Adamah hopes “to provide an antidote to the hot-headed world of journalism.”

Applicants will write 1000-1500 word essays on the theme of “A better possible world”, with Adamah saying that they are looking for “thoughtful articles on specific topics” such as “initiatives already afoot that are helping to build a better world.” They are also looking for “well-researched opinions and balanced reflections that consider different points of view” whilst always avoiding polarisation.

One of the winners of last year’s competition wrote that “being part of Adamah has been an incredible experience. The editorial support I have received has really helped me find and develop my voice as a writer.”

Founded in 2019, Adamah is now seeking to grow and develop. Evans explained how they are hoping to develop more podcast and video interviews with “discussions between people of very differing worldviews, but always in a respectful way.” He adds, “There is always so much one can learn from others.”

More details can be found here.

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