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Patreon to compete with YouTube

Patreon CEO Jack Conte confirmed the subscriptions platform is building a native video hosting product which will compete with YouTube.

Patreon to compete with YouTube

"We already host podcasts, and now we’re starting to host video, as well,” Conte told The Verge. “We’re building a video product…So in terms of how we’ve approached our strategy, and what exactly it is that we’re building, we’re building the horizontal architecture for any creator, no matter their medium, or no matter the upload format, to be able to build a business around their work.”

No details of when the new product will be launched have been announced, but it could potentially break the near monopoly that YouTube holds over the video creation industry and would certainly make Patreon more self-reliant.

Conte also announced that he is creating his own podcast, called The Creator Economy, in which he will interview people who are building tools for Patreon creators to utilise. The first episode consists of Conte interviewing Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit.

“We want to attract the most awesome, forward-thinking, curious people who are building for the creator economy to Patreon,” he tells The Verge. “We want those people to hear how we think about the world, and our vision, and what we want to build, and what we believe in, and who we are.”

The podcast will be advertisement-free and there are 12 episodes planned, to be released seasonally.

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