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Scottish government announces £3m boost for newspapers

The Scottish government has announced a £3m advertising boost in the form of a public health information partnership for newspapers in Scotland.

Scottish government announces £3m boost for newspapers
John McLellan: “Newspapers are no different to any other business in feeling the full effects of the Covid-19 crisis.”

As reported by Mariella Brown on the Society of Editors website:

National, regional and community titles operating in Scotland are set to benefit from the scheme which will highlight the ‘vital role’ played by the newspaper industry in informing the public about coronavirus developments.

Scottish titles will run ads in addition to those as part of the UK-wide ‘All in, all together’ campaign. The UK government has confirmed that it will continue to run this scheme in Scotland as well as the additional support given by the devolved government.

Kate Forbes, Holyrood’s cabinet secretary for finance said in a tweet announcing the spend: “Scotland’s newspaper industry plays a vital role informing the public on COVID-19 developments and its impact. The Scottish government will continue to share public health messages in Scottish papers and on their digital sites.”

Scottish Newspaper Society director John McLellan told the SoE he welcomes the campaign: “The SNS is delighted that the Scottish Government will be investing in our titles and it is recognition of the key role our titles play in communicating effectively with communities up and down Scotland.

“Newspapers are no different to any other business in feeling the full effects of the Covid-19 crisis, but this investment will help ensure that our publications are in a much better place to survive the crisis.

“The Scottish Government also recognises that news publishers’ platforms, especially local ones, are vital conduits for companies large and small to market their goods and services as they rebuild in the recovery.”