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The e-commerce opportunity: how publishers can show brands the shortest path from attention to transaction

Exceptional creative is one requirement for effective advertising and dynamic optimisation using real-time data is another. Simon Kvist Gaulshøj, CEO of Adnami, explains how they can be used together to great effect.

By Simon Kvist Gaulshøj

The e-commerce opportunity: how publishers can show brands the shortest path from attention to transaction

Over the past eighteen months, for reasons you certainly don’t need to be a retail expert to understand, brands have pivoted into e-commerce like never before, and the arrows continue to point upwards. Last month, Zenith’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts report predicted global advertising spend would grow by 11.2% in 2021, driven by “exceptional demand for performance-led e-commerce advertising”.

Publishers recognise that helping newly e-commerce-focused brands catch eyes and turn heads represents a growing revenue opportunity. Trusted premium environments are potentially the internet’s best shopping streets, after all – places where engaged users are open and receptive to the right product.

High impact ads have long been a rewarding format for premium publishers, enabling them to offer brands the chance to truly stand out on their sites. In the shopping street analogy, the high impact format is the beautiful shop window, brightly lit and inviting, showcasing a brand’s creative assets.

But ad formats alone, however arresting, only take e-commerce brands part of the way to where they want to go. Attention is a great thing, but the imperative for publishers now is to maximise the value of that attention for their advertisers and help to turn it directly into commercial opportunities.

As the Zenith research points out, the cost of digital advertising is rising, as is the volume of ads. That means brands, working hard to engage, need to find the shortest path between engagement and conversion to ensure that no valuable connection is wasted.

Trusted premium environments are potentially the internet’s best shopping streets.

To build the bridge between premium environments and performance-driven e-commerce requires eye-pleasing creative, of course, and elegant formats. But there is a need for another layer as well, combining real-time data, recommendation engines and dynamic creative optimisation to turn engaging ads into shopping opportunities.

The technology now exists for publishers to offer formats like these – ones that grab attention but also add a layer of intelligence that allows for ad optimisation, foregrounding products based on user interests or behaviour. Previously a task for the specialists, this kind of adaptation is now within the range of easily accessible creative tech tools.

For publishers, the idea of shoppable, high impact ads solves a variety of problems around the issue of e-commerce within advertising, at a time when the opportunity is burgeoning all around us.

Given the right creative tech, publishers should no longer require in-house studio teams to build the formats, nor specialists who can integrate a shopping feed into a page. Shoppable high impact ads offer a means for publishers to turn their pages into carefully curated shopping streets and enjoy the extra income it will generate, with no extra effort or investment on their part.

As with any real shop window, an online ad campaign is an expensive piece of real estate. Where a precisely tailored, high impact ad can directly lead to sales, that investment is far more likely to pay dividends.

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