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The Telegraph launches new podcast

The Telegraph has launched Money Confidential, a new weekly podcast hosted by the paper’s Consumer Champion, Katie Morley.

The Telegraph launches new podcast
Katie Morley: “Money problems can affect us all and put a strain on our lives or relationships, yet we rarely talk about them openly.”

The Telegraph says, released every Wednesday, it will be a place for readers to share everyday money problems that are affecting their lives and relationships, receive guidance and discuss solutions.

Through her regular Katie Morley Investigates column, The Telegraph says Katie has won back over £10 million in compensation for scam and fraud victims, covering a wide range of consumer problems from insurance and mortgage issues, to rogue landlords, holidays gone wrong, and faulty goods.

She is now travelling all over the country to hear directly from readers, answering dilemmas such as; Is it OK to take your children out of school for a cheaper holiday?; How do I cope with my richer siblings going skiing and leaving me behind? And are private schools really worth it?

Each episode, Katie will be joined by a financial expert in their field to help solve these reader debates alongside a Telegraph commentator offering their own view, added the publisher.

Katie Morley, consumer champion said: “Money problems can affect us all and put a strain on our lives or relationships, yet we rarely talk about them openly. I’m excited to hear directly from you, our readers and listeners, to help find the answers to the problems really affecting you. No topic is off limits with this podcast.” ?

In episode 1 Katie chats to ‘Mark’. Last summer, his adult daughter moved back into the family home with her partner and children. Nine months later, he’s had enough and he’s off. We also hear from financial expert Lisa Conway-Hughes and Telegraph columnist Michael Deacon.

Money Confidential joins Telegraph’s suite of podcasts including Ukraine: The Latest, Bed of Lies, Battle Lines and Planet Normal. You can listen to Money Confidential using the Telegraph's audio player, Apple, Spotify, or on your preferred podcast app.

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