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UBM exceeds carbon reduction target

UBM plc has announced that five years after it began managing the carbon impact of its offices, it has exceeded its target emissions reduction a year earlier than planned.

UBM says: In 2010 we set about reducing our emissions, and in 2013 we set a reduction target per employee of 10% by the end of 2016. At the end of 2015 we had achieved a 15% reduction.

Developments that led to this success include the setup of regional Sustainability teams with over 140 employees across 10 of our global offices. Offices with Sustainability teams include London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Santa Monica, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Mumbai.

These teams have had been focused on improving energy and waste management at their offices, as well as objectives in our other sustainability focus areas, such as our people and communities.

In February 2015 our new London office achieved LEED platinum certification, saving almost 50% in energy and carbon through leading edge energy efficient design, and recycling 96% of waste, with zero going to landfill. Plus, new offices in New York have also been designed with excellent energy efficient designs. ‘Smart meters’ have been set up in all major offices to ensure real-time energy management and the ability to identify and mitigate issues as they occur.

Going forward we intend to continue to save carbon at our offices, and are also now focused on making similar progress across our global events portfolio.

Faye Bennett-Hart (UBM Group Sustainability Manager) said: “We are very proud of the achievements UBM has made over the last 5 years in carbon management across its global office portfolio. A large number of our staff are very passionate about making improvements in this area, and we have shown that passion can be turned into success. The opportunity is now to start replicating this across our portfolio of global events.”