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UPM Fine Carbon Balanced through Denmaur

In January 2021, UPM Fine was added to Denmaur’s Carbon Balanced product portfolio.

UPM Fine Carbon Balanced through Denmaur
Nick Gee: “Carbon Balanced Paper is a recognised and established offsetting scheme for paper and print.”

Stocked by Denmaur for over 20 years, UPM Fine is a high white uncoated paper suitable for a host of end-use applications. Carbon Balancing will add to its array of environmental credentials.

The decision to Carbon Balance UPM Fine follows the success of Denmaur’s other products that are Carbon Balanced, says the company.

Managing Director, Nick Gee: “Carbon Balanced Paper is a recognised and established offsetting scheme for paper and print. We are known as the UK stockist merchant for UPM Fine products, it was a natural decision to Carbon Balance the range and further support the critical work of the World Land Trust.”

Denmaur hold a comprehensive stock holding of FSC certified sheets of both UPM Fine for next day delivery throughout the UK. CutStar and web offset reels, direct from the mill, will also be Carbon Balanced when purchased through Denmaur.

Marketing and Sustainability Director, Danny Doogan: “Offsetting is becoming a feature of everyday life, and more of us are recognising it as a necessary process in the fight against climate change. Carbon Balanced Paper has importance to those who both produce and consume printed media and, when used in conjunction with well-known environmental products such as UPM Fine, it makes for a highly sustainable graphical paper solution.”

Carbon Balanced Paper is the offsetting scheme delivered by the World Land Trust, a global conservation charity whose patrons include Sir David Attenborough. The scheme is based on a REDD+ programme (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation), which, says Denmaur, is recognised as one of the most effective methods for removing atmospheric carbon emissions by conserving, protecting and further developing vast areas forestry and high conservation land, important biodiversity and the habitat a number of endangered species.

The Carbon Balanced Paper logo can be applied to customer artwork used on UPM Fine and the World Land Trust will issue an official certificate to endorse the amounts of carbon that have been saved.

Denmaur has a portfolio of products that are Carbon Balanced at no additional cost, which in addition to UPM Fine includes: Revive recycled coated and uncoated, Amadeus and Amadeus Digital, Innovation, Arctic Snow, Fixter self-adhesive, Ibema Supera and Supera White, and Delipac.

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