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YUDU iPad whitepaper

A whitepaper report detailing the latest Apple iPad trends and statistics has been released by digital publishers YUDU Media. YUDU’s Robert Elding summarises the main findings.

By Robert Elding

The report, ‘The Apple iPad: Trends and Statistics 2’, draws on the latest research from companies such as Nielsen, Gartner and Forrester, highlighting 6 key trends to emerge since the publication of YUDU’s first report.

One of the most interesting conclusions to be drawn is that the iPad is gaining an increasing share of the eBook reader market. ChangeWave Research found that whilst almost half of the eBook consumers surveyed owned a Kindle, a third of respondents owned an iPad, a large percentage considering the Kindle has been available two and a half years longer than the iPad. Significantly, a later survey showed that the number of iPad owners who bought an iPad for use as an eBook reader doubled in the three months since the original survey was conducted.

Books are not the only publications finding popularity on the iPad. According to the report, consumers are more likely to read magazines and newspapers on the iPad than on any other device. The report highlights that iPad users are over three times more likely to read magazine and newspaper content than owners of all other eReading devices.

Other fascinating statistics show the dominance of Apple’s App store in the app store market. According to Gartner, an alarming 9 out of 10 app downloads, of an estimated 8.2 billion, were from Apple's app store in 2010. Its continuing dominance was further highlighted by Apple’s announcement in January 2011 that the 10 billionth app had been downloaded from the store.

The report also highlights the growing shift of both consumers and developers to in-app purchasing. Put simply, this means consumers prefer to spend money from inside the app once it has downloaded, rather than on an upfront download fee. Distimo found that in-app purchases on free apps accounted for 15 percent of total app revenue, a figure that had doubled in 4 months.

The report also suggests that advertising is more effective on the iPad than on other devices and print. Nielsen research found that iPad users were not only more receptive to advertising on an iPad than other devices; they were more likely to make a purchase after viewing an ad as well. These results were echoed in a study by the University of Connecticut, where the iPad fared just as well when compared to static print ads.

There is also evidence highlighting that iPad users spend more when purchasing from their iPad compared to PC users. EBay reported that iPad shoppers spend on average 50 percent more than shoppers using a PC. They found that unique visitors who make a purchase from their iPad spend on average $85 per week, supporting the findings from our first whitepaper which reported that 94 percent of iPad users are affluent consumers with solid wealth and strong incomes.

To read the full iPad Trends Report on iPad or iPhone, download the YUDU App from iTunes and select ‘iPad report 2’. Or alternatively you can view online.